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Poda and our flagship Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods are set to revolutionize the heat-not-burn industry

About Poda Holdings Inc

Poda Lifestyle and Wellness Ltd. is actively engaged in the development and commercialization of industry-leading reduced-risk smoking products.

  • Poda has developed an innovative heat-not-burn reduced-risk smoking

      system which uses proprietary zero cleaning single-use pods

  • Tobacco-free Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods are low cost to produce and
    filled with a patented blend of tea leaves and synthetic nicotine

  • Satisfying smoke-free replacement for adult smokers

  • Multi-patented Beyond Burn™ Poda Pod design leads to a zero cleaning experience that is unique in the heat-not-burn industry

  • Exciting growth opportunities through a portfolio of valuable
    IP holdings and applications

  • Revenue generation through three complimentary verticals

- Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods
- Beyond Burn™ devices
- White labelling partnerships


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Poda has spent over $5 million to date developing the product and is
now ready to scale production to meet global demand

Better than
ordinary smoking

Patented and unique in the industry, our flagship Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods offer total satisfaction to adult smokers without many of the drawbacks

of ordinary smoking.

• Tobacco-free
• Smoke-free
• No ash
• Reduced-risk

No Cleaning


  • Due to unique patented pod  design, pods keep all the mess  contained within the pod

  • No cleaning or maintenance

  • No residual odour in heating device

  • No cross contamination between pods; every pod is a fresh experience

Global IP 


  • ​ Canadian patent granted on zero cleaning pod design. Multi-national PCT patents filed in over 65 countries

  • Multiple patents filed covering all aspects of Poda’s innovative and proprietary technologies

  • All filings in progress expected to be granted by end of 2023

Rare Investment


  • ​ Over 1.3 billion cigarettes smokers in the world, consuming over 5.7 trillion cigarettes per year

  • Poda offers a satisfying smoke-free cigarette replacement for adult smokers

  • Patented zero cleaning Beyond Burn™ Poda Pods are well-poised to gain significant market share



Ryan Selby - Co-Founder & CEO

• Original co-founder & inventor
• Successful multi-patented inventor
• Background in business development
• 15 years smoking industry experience


Ryan Karkainan - Co-Founder & VP Design

• Original co-founder & inventor
• Over 10 years smoking industry experience
• Background in senior management and sales
• Extensive reduced-risk smoking industry experience


Paul Ciullo - CFO

• Diverse professional experience
• Background in senior corporate finance and
   accounting in Fortune 500 companies


Karen Merrifield - Head of Creative

• Over 8 years experience in visual
   design including web and graphic design
• Provides in-house branding, graphic
   design and web development expertise


Daniel Chan - Strategic Advisor

• Founder of Shenzhen ESON Technology Co. Ltd. in 2010
• ESON has successfully licensed its IP and supplied OEM services to ALL of the biggest tobacco companies in the world
   (JTI, Imperial, BAT, GPI, CNT)
• Founder of NEAFS in 2020
• NEAFS is currently selling over 50 million IQOS compatible NEAFS cigarettes per month in the Chinese and European markets
• Mr. Chen has an impressive track record of success and has extensive knowledge of the heat-not-burn and electronic cigarette       industries

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