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Get your story heard, SagacityCM specializes in a variety of content creation and delivery styles to keep investors up to date, engaged and informed

Film Production - Executive Interviews - Investor Engagement - Webinars & Townhalls - Lead Generation - Onsite B roll & Photography - News Release Distribution - Content Distribution - Consulting - Brand Identity

Corporate Storytelling

Executive Interviews + Clips

It’s important to not just create interviews on your most recent news, but also to help tell your story as a whole. We break down your company into various interviews that focus on the strategic aspects that every investor should know about you. Each interview is always broken into 1-3 clips to get the most out of each time we speak with your executive team.

Maximize Your News Flow

Investor Update Interviews + Clips

There’s only so much you can say in a news release. Our team specializes in getting the most out of every update by crafting the right questions and creating interviews that engage investors. We then pull strategic short clips from each video and end up with multiple content pieces that can be disseminated to the investor community.

Investor Engagement & Consulting

Social Media Engagement

Investors have evolved and the water cooler has moved to social media and investor focused platforms. Our team actively engages with investors on the platforms they turn to for stock information to help bolster communication and knowledge of your company.

Rowland Howe - President of Atlas Salt

Brandon & Wes accompanied a group of our Atlas executives and investors on a trip to visit our project in Newfoundland. They worked very professionally to capture the essence of the event and were never intrusive. Their style worked very well to deliver an informative record of the trip that incorporated interviews as appropriate. Great guys to work with, well informed and generally all-around good guys"

Meet the Founder's


Toronto, Canada

Brandon: 647 219 1125

Wes: 647 407 5989

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